Sunday, January 27, 2013

Business Partners File Suit Accusing Their Attorney Of Forging Deed To Swipe Title To Company's Real Estate

In Galveston, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:

  • Alleging a Humble attorney committed forgery to gain ownership of their company’s real estate property, Robert M. Green and Barbara Goostree pursue legal action.

    A lawsuit filed Jan. 8 in Galveston District Court asserts that J. Richard McGoey fraudulently executed a deed to transfer property belonging to Green Diesel Inc.

    The suit says the plaintiffs entrusted the responsibilities of maintaining the corporate records and the good standing of the company to McGoey, however, the defendant failed to do so.

    Plaintiffs also allege the attorney misrepresented Green Diesel, and claimed to be its president.

    Green and Goostree argue McGoey prepared the deed in January 2004, without their knowledge, using Green’s signature.

    They insist Green did not know about the document’s existence until last month, and when he saw reportedly saw it, he noticed his name was misspelled.

    The original petition adds a notary public named Dianne Lynn Abrahamsen stamped the subject paperwork which apparently carried an acknowledgment that Green appeared before her on Jan. 4, 2004.

    Green denies the meeting with Abrahamsen, who is a co-defendant along with McGoey’s spouse, and maintains she was not a notary public at the time of the supposed notarization.

    He also says that he did not approve the 2004 sale that is the focus of the litigation.

    The complainants point out that the McGoeys participated in a recent transaction with Equipment International Pension Fund for approximately $140,000, but the latter “wrongfully kept all of the funds paid for the purchase of the real estate paid by the buyer.”

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