Saturday, February 2, 2013

Judge Delays Sentencing For Sobbing Scammer Until Alleged Co-Scamming Dad Stands Trial In Case Involving Failed Promises Of Foreclosure Assistance That Screwed 100+ Homeowners

In Hartford, Connecticut, NBC Connecticut reports:

  • Sunita Buddhu sobbed in the courtroom [] as she expressed remorse for her role in a debt elimination scheme that left many homeowners facing foreclosure. "I'm horrified that this is the result of what we did," Buddhu said. "I thought we would be helping people, but it turned into the opposite."

    Buddhu, 42, pleaded guilty in October to issuing, selling and presenting fictitious financial instruments. Her father, Deowraj "Deo" Buddhu, is the alleged mastermind of the scheme.

    Prosecutors say the Buddhus preyed on struggling homeowners and defrauded them out of thousands of dollars by promising access to a supposed secret stash of federal money. Sunita notarized many of her father's documents and invoices. Prosecutors claim there are nearly 200 victims.
  • Sunita's apologies to the victims did not appear to gain her any sympathy with the judge, who announced he would wait to sentence her until after her father's trial later this year. [...] Sunita Buddhu has already served almost seven months in a federal holding cell. Her lawyers were asking for a "time served" sentence.
  • The judge said he already has a number in mind for Sunita Buddhu's sentencing and told the courtroom it would be "substantial."

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