Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dozens Of Long-Term Motel Tenants Get Short Notice Boot As Pending Foreclosure, Code Violations, Water & Power Shutoff Force Premises Shutdown

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, WPDE-TV Channel 15 reports:

  • People who had been staying at motel in Myrtle Beach must find a new place to live. Friday afternoon they were told the Golden Sands Inn was shutting its doors.

    "He just pretty much left us stuck holding the bag," said Rodney Rohan. Rohan has been staying at the motel for two years now. The property isn't in the best condition. He showed WPDE NewsChannel 15 a gaping hole in the ceiling, and Rohan said it used to leak water.

    Rohan and others staying at the Golden Sands Inn were living there long term and paying weekly. They include families and foreign exchange students. Friday, the owner told them that the water and electricity are going to turned off on Monday.

    Myrtle Beach police responded to the property Friday, because the people staying there were upset with the short notice.

    According to Horry County online court records there's a pending foreclosure on the property.

    "The police told me that he's known since January the place will be shut down. He failed to meet code and they owe taxes on the building," said Heather McCall. She's been staying there for the last few months with her fiance and four children.

    "Most of us this past week have paid him for the last week of June through July and have no more money left to go anywhere. I don't," McCall added.

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