Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wanna-Be Homeowner Claims She's Out Several Thou$and After Buying Foreclosed Home On Craigslist From Seller That Wasn't Real Owner

In Evansville, Indiana, Tristate reports:

  • Evansville Police are investigating a very bizarre scam. A woman is out thousands of dollars after buying a home on eBay.

    Letitia Melendrez claims she spent just under $2,000 to buy the North Third Avenue home on eBay. She then drove thousands of miles and moved in. "I thought that was a pretty good deal, wouldn't have to pay rent the rest of my life," she says. She thought she'd settle here, have family visit.

    "We bought it so that his son would have a home the rest of his life, and we were going to fix this place up and do something with it," Melendrez says. "Me and my son put about three to four thousand dollars into the house after we bought it."

    That good deal has turned into a bad and costly experience. Realtor Angela Bullock saw the home listed, but knew it had been foreclosed upon and is set to be auctioned off next month. "There were a lot of back assessments and back taxes that were owed," Bullock says. "It was a very substantial amount." Police say she drove by, saw people inside and called 911.

    "Police showed up to my house and said I didn't own it my home," Letitia says. "I showed them the paperwork I had."

    Melendrez's story checked out and she knows the sellers weren't the real owners. Now although she doesn't face any charges...She's out a home and thousands of dollars.

    This was a scam. I got scammed," she says.

    Bullock says the foreclosure crisis created plenty of opportunities for scammers. She adds if you're buying a home, make sure to know who you're buying it from and check for any unknown back taxes or fees owed.

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