Saturday, August 20, 2011

Court Grants Some Relief For Deceased Left In Limbo By Complications Arising From Revoked Operator's License For Cemetary In Foreclosure

In Calvert County, Maryland, NBC Washington reports:

  • Some families waiting to put loved ones to rest at a Calvert County, Md., cemetery facing foreclosure can finally move forward. Southern Memorial Gardens in Dunkirk had its license revoked by the state after legal problems with the cemetery’s former owner.

  • A Calvert County judge ruled on Wednesday that those who pre-paid for a plot can proceed with burial plans, News4's Melissa Mollet reported. However, the complication for families is far from over. The cemetery is not allowed to help with the burial process in any way, and those who were not able to pre-pay for arrangements are left trying to figure out how to proceed with their loved ones’ remains.

  • Criminal charges were brought against the current owner and manager for trying to help families with burials before the license situation could be resolved. Southern Memorial Gardens is still working to resolve the foreclosure issue. The cemetery is scheduled for auction at the end of the month.

Source: Foreclosed Cemetery Ruling Gives Relief to Some Maryland Families (Burials approved for those who had pre-paid for services).

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