Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indiana AG Lawsuit: Fla. Attorney-Owned Loan Modification Outfit Failed To Register Bond While Stiffing 22 Hoosiers Out Of Loan Modification Refunds

In Hendricks County, Indiana, The Indianapolis Star reports:

  • Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against a Florida-based mortgage foreclosure assistance company he says operated illegally in 15 counties.(1)

  • The lawsuit filed in Hendricks County alleges the company -- which goes by several names, including Legal Home Loan Solutions and Federal Home Loan Solutions -- did not give refunds to 22 Indiana residents after failing to provide services for them.

  • The companies collected thousands of dollars from homeowners before any services were provided and did not register a required bond with the attorney general's office before setting up shop in Indiana, the lawsuit alleges.

  • Several other laws also were violated, according to the lawsuit, including one that requires foreclosure assistance companies to notify homeowners of various legal rights or the availability of nonprofit credit counseling.

  • Florida attorney Thomas C. Matevia is named as the owner of the companies. Phone numbers listed for the companies and for Matevia were not in service Wednesday.

For more, see State attorney general sues foreclosure-aid company (Florida concern violated laws, lawsuit alleges).

(1) See:

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