Saturday, November 5, 2011

Attorney Targeted By Calif. AG For Allegedly Misleading Strapped Homeowners Into Joining Mass Joinder Lawsuits Fires Back With His Own Legal Action

California Watch reports:

  • Los Angeles-area attorney Mitchell J. Stein refers to himself as "The Doberman" and his website advertises, "You Hold The Leash."

  • In August, California Attorney General Kamala Harris raided Stein's offices and accused him and other lawyers of fraudulently misleading thousands of struggling homeowners into paying to be part of mass lawsuits against mortgage lenders like Bank of America.

  • But Stein sued back, after warning on his Twitter account that "The Doberman is about to take a large bite out of Kamala Harris." Stein has accused the attorney general of being "the pawn of America’s most powerful banks,” claiming that Bank of America "corruptly funneled money" to Harris, according to one of his lawsuits. As the legal sparring continues, the alleged fraud victims are running out of time.


  • [T]he State Bar of California obtained a court order stating that Stein "has become incapable of devoting the time and attention to ... his law practice" and authorizing the bar to seize his files and freeze his bank accounts.

  • Stein, however, maintains the order doesn't apply because it names Mitchell J. Stein and Associates and not his newer partnership, Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP. For the same reason, Stein's website states, "this law Firm has never been sued by the State of California."

  • Stein is also trying to stop seizure of his assets through his Florida bankruptcy proceeding.

For more, see Lawyer accused of mortgage-related fraud sues Kamala Harris.

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