Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nevada AG Pinches Three In Alleged Foreclosure Rescue Racket That Filed Phony Land Documents Purporting To Eliminate Mortgages From Homes

From the Office of the Nevada Attorney General:

  • Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto announced [] the arrest of three individuals in connection with the operation of a local mortgage scam. Alex Soria, Sonia Rodis, and Hans Johns have all been charged with two counts of Mortgage Fraud and two counts of Theft in an amount in excess of $2500 for their part in the operation of BioGreen Teck, LLC, a local business which dealt with eliminating mortgages on residential homes.


  • Soria and Rodis, as owners and operators of BioGreen Teck, LLC, conducted a mortgage and foreclosure fraud scam known as the Zero Mortgage Program, which promised to eliminate mortgage obligations and maintain the borrower as title holder of the property.

  • Their scam preyed on homeowners facing foreclosure by their banks and lenders. The scam issued two documents, ‘Affidavits of Fact’ and ‘Deeds of Full Reconveyance’, which the victim homeowners were instructed to file at the Clark County Recorder’s Office.

  • The issued documents were notarized by Johns, an in-house notary. After several months, the banks and lenders would not recognize the legitimacy of this process and moved forward with the foreclosure process, leaving customers worse off than before.

  • Soria was previously advised by the Clark County District Attorney that these documents would have no legal effect but he continued to charge victims to prepare them. Soria is currently in federal custody awaiting trial on similar charges. While in custody, Soria has continued to conduct the scam through Rodis and Johns using the alternate business name, ‘Good Government League’, at the same office location where BioGreen Teck, LLC initiated these fraudulent practices.

For the Nevada AG press release, see Attorney General Announces Arrests In Connection With Mortgage And Foreclosure Fraud.

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