Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Las Vegas Cops: Scam Artists Seeking Free Housing Now Pose As Victims In Effort To Hijack Possession Of Vacant Foreclosed Homes

In Las Vegas, Nevada, KLAS-TV Channel 8 reports:

  • Metro police say rental scams are on the rise and what makes it difficult to stop is that the fraud can come from many different directions. The classic rental scam works by somebody posing as a landlord and illegally leasing out someone else's property. Now, some scam artists are posing as victims, hoping to con property managers into letting them stay.


  • Metro Police say this is the latest in a growing number of rental scams. "They drive around, they look at the foreclosure list. They just move in. They simply just move in and they'll dummy up a receipt or create a receipt to make it look like they're the victim," Lt. Susan Shingleton of Metro said.

  • Metro Police adds the majority of rental scams usually involve fake landlords preying on families looking for a rental deal.

For the story, see Police Warn of Growing Rental Scams on Foreclosed Properties.

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