Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Despite Screw-Up In Legal Process, Buyers At Foreclosure Sale Forced To Take Feds To Court To Recover Funds Paid Towards Purchase Price

In Warner Robins, Georgia, The Telegraph reports:

  • A couple who battled with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for four months because of a botched foreclosure sale has gotten their money back.

  • In an e-mail [], Bonnie Walker said she had received the check from USDA’s Farm Service Agency that returned the $37,500 she and her husband, Charles, paid for the home at a foreclosure auction.

  • After they paid for the house, the couple learned the foreclosure was illegal because USDA hadn’t given proper notice, so they couldn’t evict the residents and they couldn’t get their money back.

  • After filing a complaint against USDA in Houston County Superior Court, USDA agreed to a consent order to vacate the foreclosure and return the money.

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