Thursday, June 28, 2012

FTC Continues w/ Toothless Wins Against Loan Mod, Forensic Audit Peddlers; Operators To Give Back Some Of What They Took, Promise To Never Do It Again

From the Federal Trade Commission:

  • The operators of an allegedly deceptive mortgage modification business will pay more than $750,000 in ill-gotten gains to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. The settlements also permanently ban the 11 defendants from selling any mortgage assistance relief products.

  • The FTC’s case against the four operators of the Debt Advocacy Center and another group of seven defendants that allegedly provided “forensic audits” to consumers are part of the agency’s ongoing crackdown on frauds targeting consumers in financial distress.
For more of the FTC press release and links to relevant court documents, see Operators of "Debt Advocacy" Firm Settle with FTC, Must Pay More than $750,000 (FTC Alleged that They Deceptively Marketed Mortgage Modifications and "Forensic Audits", Settlements Ban Them from Mortgage Relief Business).

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