Saturday, June 30, 2012

Landscaper's Screw-Up Drives 200 Seniors From Their Homes; Damage To Gas Line Triggers Fire, Forcing Residents To Live Out Of Their Suitcases

In Lyndhurst, Ohio, Newschannel 5 reports:

  • A large group of Lyndhurst seniors have been living out of a suitcase for nearly three months, after a fire struck their apartment complex in late March. Many of the residents who call the Sherri Park Apartments "home" are wondering when they will finally be able to return to their units.

  • "We've had so many different dates, we don't know when we're going to get back," said Sherri Park resident Betty Hersch. "We were told June 15, then June 18, then June 28. Now nobody knows."

  • The fire started at the complex after a landscaping company hit a gas line just outside the building. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but residents have been forced to live in temporary accommodations at the Homewood Suites Hilton in Beachwood for 11 weeks.
  • Mayor [Joseph] Cicero believes delays in building repairs have been caused by insurance and legal issues surrounding the fire. "This is between, the gas company, the contractors and apartment management," said Mayor Cicero. "There's a boat load of lawyers on either side."
  • [Tenant] Les Checel and other displaced seniors can only hope their insurance coverage will hold-out, and keep them off the street. "I would encourage them to do whatever it takes to get the building inspected and make it ready for occupancy, so people don't have this cloud hanging over their heads as to what their future holds," said Checel.
For more, see 200 Lyndhurst seniors remain displaced nearly 3 months after apartment fire (Apartment management offers few answers).
  • Three thefts were reported last week at the Sherri Park Apartments, from where many residents were evacuated and eventually moved to temporary housing after a fire there in late March.

  • A gold coin valued at $10,000 and jewelry valued at about $3,000 were reported stolen June 12 from one apartment. On June 13, jewelry valued at $400 and a can of coins valued at $350 were reported stolen from another unit, and June 16, a $1,400 laptop computer and about $200 worth of coins were reported stolen from a third residence.

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