Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elderly Fresno-Area Senior Cops Plea To Grand Theft Charges In Vacant Foreclosed Home Hijacking Scam; Rented 13 Houses, Scouted 150 Others, Say Cops

In Fresno, California, KMJN Radio reports:

  • A Fresno man admitted his role in an elaborate foreclosure scam late Monday afternoon -- a scam in which he rented out foreclosed homes that he did not own. Sam Haley, 69, pleaded no contest -- the equivalent of guilty -- to three counts of grand theft. Haley did not have a real estate license, but he was able to find foreclosed homes -- then rent them out.

  • When he was arrested three years ago, police say he was renting out 13 homes, had another 19 people ready to rent and was scouting out another 150 homes in the Fresno area. Police Chief Jerry Dyer called him nothing more than a scam artist.

  • His plea could put Haley in jail for a year, but his lawyer will argue that he's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from years in the military and ask a judge to give him probation and perhaps treatment. Haley agreed to pay $35,000 in restitution.(1)

Source: Alleged Fresno Scam Artist Admits It.

(1) I wonder if Haley's agreement to cough up $35K is part of a deal to buy his way out of any possible jail/prison time.

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