Saturday, October 1, 2011

Landowner's Unpaid Water Bills & Mortgage Payments, Failing Sewage System Threaten To Drive Mobile Home Park Residents Out Of Their Homes

In Clermont County, Ohio, WKRC-TV Channel 12 reports:

  • Dozens of worried mobile home park residents crowd into a Clermont County courtroom, anxious to know if they're going to be forced out of their homes because their landlord hasn't been paying his bills.

  • If that scenario sounds familiar, that's because it's being repeated in courtrooms across the Tri-State with properties owned by the same man ... Lanny Holbrook. Holbrook owns at least 31 different properties across the area, and one by one, they're going into foreclosure, as millions of dollars in debts against him mount.

  • Today, the scene was a Clermont County Courtroom and Local 12's Rich Jaffe says one of the biggest concerns is raw sewage. Clermont County officials are concerned this mobile home park may have to be shut down, because the owner hasn't been paying the bills on this park and others, and sewage from this park is allegedly being channel straight into the Little Miami River.

  • The sewage system has failed health department inspections over and over again. You can see the putrid sludge accumulating, even though the system is running at full tilt, with the Little Miami just beyond.

  • Today in court, property owner Lanny Holbrook agreed with health department findings. He also agreed he owes more than 28,000 dollars in water bills. He also agreed he owes close to half a million dollars in back taxes on the three mobile home parks.

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