Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sleazy Banksters To Launch Toll-Free Phone Number In Search For Robosigner Victims?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

  • It probably won’t include “1-800-ROBO,” but big banks are preparing to launch a toll-free number to find consumers harmed by problems in foreclosure processing. The effort to find consumers is an outgrowth of the controversy over so-called robo-signing and other problematic foreclosure practices.(1)

For more, see Foreclosure Complaint? Stand By for New Toll-Free Number.

(1) Inasmuch as the banksters have demonstrated a complete inability to deal in good faith throughout this entire mortgage debacle (whether with the homeowners/consumers when originating or modifying the troubled loans, or the investors currently left holding the bag on the crappy securitized paper the banksters peddled all around the world), I hope there is nobody out their stupid enough to believe they are going to reform their ways at this late stage (except, of course, for some of the moronic regulators and bureaucrats who come up with these proposals).

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