Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Utah Federal Judge Boots Post-Foreclosure Eviction Case Back To State Court

In Salt Lake City, Utah, KCSG-TV reports:

  • St. George attorney John Christian Barlow, representating homeowners who have been lost their home to the Bank of America's foreclosure machine ReconTrust, may have finally achieved a measure of victory in the battle of Utah homeowners against ReconTrust fraudulent foreclosures.

  • Federal Judge Clark Waddoups Thursday returned to Utah Fifth District Court in St. George a case in which ReconTrust was named as a third-party in the complaint claiming immunity under the National Bank Act in an unlawful detainer action. (Court Order and Memorandum).

For more, see Bank of America-ReconTrust to Face State Court Judicial Process in Illegal Homeowner Foreclosures.

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