Friday, September 9, 2011

After Some Foot-Dragging, BofA Agrees To Waive Fees, Reimburse Legal Expenses For Elderly Couple Threatened With Foreclosure Over Early House Payment

In New Port Richey, Florida, the St. Petersburg Times reports:

  • Last week, Bank of America apologized for mistakenly foreclosing on an elderly couple because they had made a mortgage payment too early. But that apology didn't include reimbursing the couple for $1,800 in legal fees or waiving late fees caused by the bank's blunder.

  • After supporters of James and Sharon Bullington cried foul, the country's biggest lender decided Thursday to reimburse the legal fees and waive all late fees connected to its error.


For more, see Finally: Bank of America waives fees it charged elderly couple.

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