Saturday, September 10, 2011

Judge To Prosecutor: 'Nice Try, But No Dice' After Rejecting Move To Yank Bail Release For Multiple-Slay Suspect Who Stiffed Bank On Mortgage Payments

In Newark, New Jersey, The Star Ledger reports:

  • Accused killer Lee Anthony Evans remains free on nearly $1 million bail following a Superior Court judge’s determination [] that he can continue to use an Irvington property on which he balanced his bail funds.

  • Evans, 58, faces five murder counts for the Aug. 20, 1978, killings, and was released from jail last summer after posting bail in the form of three pieces of property

  • The Essex County Prosecutor's Office filed a motion earlier this month to revoke Evans' $950,000 bail, saying the lead defendant in the 1978 slaying of five Newark teenage boys violated its terms by defaulting on a five-year commercial loan on the property and failing to pay related property taxes.


  • Judge Patricia Costello, though, found that the property in question, 10-12 Melville Place, is in fact two parcels, and that just one is in default. Together with the two other properties also not in arrears, both owned by relatives, Evans meets the bail’s terms, she said.

For the story, see Man charged with killing five Newark teens in 1978 can remain free on bail, judge rules.

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