Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lawsuit: Bankster Violated Court Order Staying F'closure Proceedings; Went Forward & Took Title Anyway, Hired Contractor In Attempt To Take Possession

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports:

  • A Shaler woman filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court [] alleging that a mortgage firm and its contractors improperly took title to her house, tried to break in and posted a foreclosure notice on her front door while she was holding a party.

  • Pamela A. Vukman sued Beneficial Consumer Discount Co., the law firm of attorney Martha E. Von Rosenstiel and others, saying that actions taken in relation to her home last October violated an order by Allegheny County Common Pleas Court Judge Lee J. Mazur staying foreclosure proceedings against her.

  • Ms. Vukman's attorney, Jeffrey L. Suher, said that she won a court ruling that Beneficial had violated state law when it foreclosed, and the company has appealed that to Superior Court.

  • Despite her victory in the case, Mr. Suher said, the lender took title to her house. It then hired a company to enter her house, remove trash and change the locks. That company's agent was caught trying to break in, the complaint said.

  • Then, a contractor posted a notice of foreclosure on her front door, causing embarrassment. Mr. Suher said that Ms. Vukman is still in the house. Ms. Rosenstiel declined comment. A Beneficial spokesperson could not be reached.

Source: Shaler woman sues over house foreclosure.

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