Saturday, September 10, 2011

Protestor Invasion Of Bankster Headquarters Demanding Loan Mod Yields Paltry Cash For Keys Offer; Borrower Response: Take A Hike, I'll Keep Fighting!

In Pasadena, California, the Pasadena Star News reports:

  • Bassett resident Rose Gudiel rejected a $4,000 cash offer to leave her home without a fight late Monday afternoon at a meeting with OneWest Bank officials. "It was a pretty short meeting and it was basically cash for keys," she said. "They were very adamant about not being able to do anything beyond that."

  • The meeting came just four days after Gudiel received her evection notice and 11 days after 50 protestors invaded the lobby of the Pasadena bank. Gudiel insisted she's not budging from her home [...]. A court date on the eviction notice has been set for Sept. 6 in Los Angeles Municipal Court.

  • "I'm going to keep fighting for my home and I told them that," Gudiel said. "If they bring the police to arrest me, I'm not leaving."

  • Gudiel, a state employee, has been attempting to get the bank to modify her loan, which requires a $2,456 monthly payment, for almost two years. The request came after her brother was gunned down in La Puente in 2009, causing the household income to drop, she said.

  • Although the income has long since recovered, the bank has consistently refused to give her a loan modification, she said. "They came into the meeting and basically said, 'we reviewed your paperwork and this is the best we can do,"' Gudiel recounted. "Which is nothing."

  • Gudiel secured meeting with bank officials after she and a group of 50 protesters overwhelmed security and briefly commandeered OneWest's corporate headquarters [...] Pasadena. OneWest has declined to comment.

For more, see Homeowner rejects $4,000 deal to leave her home without a fight.

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