Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deed Recording Head Invites Banksters, State AGs To Survey Robosigner-Induced Wreckage To Local Land Records; "It's Like A Tornado Came Through Here!"

The Home Preservation Network reports:

  • John O’Brien, Southern Essex County Register in Salem, Massachusetts has been leading the national effort to hold lenders accountable, and has refused to record robo-signed documents has invited the CEO’s of the nation’s largest banks and all of the state’s attorneys generals to come to the Salem Registry and view first-hand the damage that has been caused to thousands of Essex County homeowners’ chains of title.(1)

  • It's like a tornado came through here,” said Register John O'Brien, referring to the financial havoc and damage done to property records at the Registry of Deeds. “Following any disaster, the powers that be generally show up to assess the damage. That is what I would like these major lenders and the Attorneys General to do – sooner than later,” O’Brien said.

  • O’Brien believes that a sweetheart deal, in the form of a settlement to grant lenders immunity from prosecution, is in the works.

For more, see John O'Brien Calls On CEOs and AGs to Come to Salem.

(1) For additional background on the 'chain of title' problem arising by reason of rob0signing, see:

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