Friday, September 9, 2011

Convicted Real Estate, Check Scammer Now Faces Charges Of Ripping Off His Sister In Dubious Home Deal, Leaving Her & Kids Facing The Boot

In Peyton, Colorado, KRDO-TV Channel 13 reports:

  • Target 13 Investigates has warned you about him before, and now a former mortgage broker convicted of theft and forgery has been arrested again. Michael Hoskisson is accused of pocketing over $25,000 from his sister who said she thought she was making mortgage payments to him.(1)

  • Kammie Hoskisson-LaRose said she was stunned when she learned her Peyton home was in foreclosure, after she had been making payments to Hoskisson since 2009. "I'm overwhelmed," said LaRose. "I've put everything I have into re-doing the home."

  • LaRose said she had always been close to her older brother and trusted him when he said he could help her own her dream home. LaRose said her credit score wasn't high enough to get her own mortgage, so Hoskisson told her that his mortgage company would buy the home from its owner, then LaRose would make payments to him and eventually apply for her own mortgage.

  • According to Hoskisson's arrest affidavit, both LaRose and the home's owner, Michael Hill, believed Hoskisson had finalized the sale of the home. The Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office said that never happened, and the last mortgage payment on the house was made by Hill in 2008. Hill's name is on the foreclosure documents.

  • The D.A.'s office said the mortgage payments LaRose thought she was making had gone into her brother's personal bank account. [...] LaRose said she's trying to work something out with the bank, but it's not looking promising.

  • "My name's not on anything, so I really don't have a say," she said. "They could tell me I'll be evicted in 30 days."

For more, see Springs Man Accused Of Stealing 25K From Sister (Woman May Lose Her Home).

(1) According to the report, Hoskisson is due in court for a hearing on September 16, and is facing charges of theft, identity theft and forgery. Reportedly, Hoskisson lost his mortgage broker license after pleading guilty to theft with a real estate transaction in 2009, and in 2011, he was convicted of forging over $73,000 in checks from an at-risk adult he befriended. Hoskisson was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay over $92,000 in restitution to the man's family, the story states.

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