Saturday, September 10, 2011

Over Two Dozen Mobile Home Park Residents Face The Boot As Rent-Skimming Owner Loses Premises In Foreclosure Sale

In Jonesboro, Georgia, WSB-TV Channel 2 reports:

  • Nearly 30 neighbors in Clayton County say they are forced to find a new place to live, even though they have been paying rent. People living in the Royal Court mobile home park told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri the bank foreclosed on the property, but no one bothered to tell them until now.

  • According to court documents, the bank foreclosed on the property in May, but neighbors say they’ve been paying their rent and water bills all along. Now, they say they have being told they need to move out and have no idea what happened to the money they paid. “How dare you? How dare you do that to us. We were blinded,” renter Kayla Kennedy said.

  • Kennedy wants to know where her money has been going. She paid rent on the lot for her trailer she bought last year. She showed Viteri the bill of sale, but said the woman from whom she bought it, who also runs the mobile home park, may not even have been the owner. “The bank told me she had not made a payment in over two years, so they were already in proceedings to do the foreclosure on the property,” Kennedy said.

  • "We have nowhere to go. We’re fixing to lose our home, everything I’ve got,” neighbor Sheila Sheffield. Sheffield told Viteri they paid monthly rent and water bills to a woman named Wanda Nguyen, who they believed owned the property. Now, a manager told them Nguyen lost the property to foreclosure and water will soon be shut off.

  • Sheffield said she and several others are on fixed incomes and live in the trailer park because it’s all they can afford. “We don’t even have a car. We don’t even have a way to leave out of here,” Sheffield said.


  • Kennedy told Viteri the bank told her they have 30 days to move out, but she is trying to get that extended. If the water company shuts off water to the park, they will have to leave even sooner than that, Kennedy said.

For the story, see Residents forced to move out while paying rent.

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